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私たち neten株式会社は、サウンドシステムを稼働させている電気そのものに魔法をかけて、これまでにない SOUND を生み出します。


Sound Magic Technology

Many sound engineers have cast spells on sound. The revolutionary spirit of sound engineering has been handed down to talented sound engineers active in the contemporary world music scene.

We neten Inc. produce unprecedented sounds by casting a spell on electricity that is running through the sound system.

LOGOSOUND technology transforms any sound so that it directly affects human consciousness.null





◎ 2010年、身体・意識に及ぼす音響効果を最大限に高めるツールとして、骨振動を利用した「アコースティックベット」を開発(2015年特許取得(特許番号:5686362号))。

◎ 2017年、音響システム「LOGOSOUNDSYSTEM.」開発。現在、「アコースティックベット」が脳波に与える影響を調査中。

私たちの日常は「音」と切り離すことができません。LOGOSOUND プロジェクトは、日常の中での意識進化を体験するためのプロジェクトです。


neten Inc. is conducting studies of sounds that actively affect human consciousness through an engineered approach.

By combining the results with LOGOSTRON technology, we successfully superimposed language frequencies on sound in layers. This technology, which creates an acoustic space profoundly affecting human consciousness, has been optimally utilized for the development of our products.

【Introduction examples】

  • In 2010, “Acoustic Bed” was developed, which maximizes the sound effects on body and consciousness by born conduction. (Patented in 2015 / patent number: 5686362)
  • In 2017, “LOGOSOUNDSYSTEM.” was produced.

We are currently verifying the effects of Acoustic Bed on human brain waves.

Our daily life cannot be separated from sound. The purpose of LOGOSOUND project is to offer an experience of conscious evolution in real-life situations.

We are also studying sound effects of supersonic waves detected in the Japanese ancient music, Gagaku, on human consciousness.

LOGOSOUND TechによるDJセットとサウンドシステム

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