Knowledge Modeling Lab - システム


Establishing an approach to organizing knowledge



neten株式会社 は、その前身の時代から、「ナレッジマンダラ」というコンセプトをベースにして、さまざまなシステム開発をおこなってきました。




私たち neten株式会社は、今後、この考え方を、私たちの研究開発活動のみならず、人工知能の発達の先にある新しい社会システムの最適化、仮想通貨社会における最適な経済システムの構築などに応用していきます。


neten Inc. has placed its “approach to knowledge” at the center of its research and development, and all our creative activities have started with the breakthrough by this approach. In other words, neten Inc. was born when we established the approach to “knowledge”.

Since its predecessor, neten Inc. has developed various systems based on the concept of “knowledge mandala”.

In research and development, it is possible to reach the core of research subjects, only when we comprehend all the essences of the subject, including its background, by a mandala form, and thus interpret it in terms of dimensional structure, which is common to all phenomena.

If we conduct research and development with a short-sighted perspective, we are often scooped at an unexpected blind spot, and the project may be derailed. However, it is not easy to objectively perceive in what layer of hierarchy our viewpoint is.

This idea of Knowledge Mandala can be applied to any subjects of human activities, and the followings are some of our achievements:

  • Business Mandala, a business package system developed in 2000 for large-scale enterprises with sales of 1 trillion yen or more, with a large number of consolidated subsidiaries
  • Mind Processor Project, conducted in 2004, in which human emotions were viewed as a system
  • Syntactic structures that underlie LOGOSTRON Technology.

neten Inc. continues to apply Knowledge Mandala System to the optimization of a new social system beyond evolution of artificial intelligence, as well as to the creation of optimal economic system in virtual currency society.