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Integrating the East and the West


neten株式会社の創設者であり、和学国際センター代表である七沢賢治は、若き日に、「言語学」「鎮魂」の教えを奈良毅氏から、「言霊学」の教えを小笠原孝次氏から、「神道(伯家神道)」の教えを高濱浩氏から、それぞれ7年以上かけて学び、この日本に古くから一子相伝で伝えられてきた真伝を伝授されています。このことは、 neten株式会社のアイデンティティに強く影響を与えています。


私たちは日本人である以上、必然的に日本文化を土台にして思考します。 それゆえ、日本人が意識進化を遂げるためには、日本文化そのものを「創造的進化」させることが必須です。










In his early days, NANASAWA Kenji, founder and representative director of neten Inc., learned old Japanese teachings, for seven years for each, that had traditionally been transmitted only to a single pupil from the master:

  • Linguistics and the Shinto meditation from Mr. NARA Tsuyoshi
  • Genreigaku, a study of the spirits of Japanese language, from Mr. OGASAWARA Koji
  • Shinto (Shirakawa school of Shinto) from Mr. TAKAHAMA Hiroshi

This experience has exercised a great impact on the identity of neten Inc..

One of the corporate philosophies of Nanasawa Institute is to fullfil a mission as a Japanese.

It is natural that we Japanese think based on Japanese culture. Therefore, in order to achieve conscious evolution, our culture needs to undergo a creative evolution .

Then, what does a creative evolution of Japanese culture mean?

It is said that human civilizations have repeated rise and fall on approximately 800 years’ cycle, centering on the East and the West alternately, and we are in the midst of the transition period.

However, this transition is not supposed to follow the traditional pattern, because rapid spread of information and speed-up of logistics overwhelmingly decreased the function of time and distance which has divided those civilized and those uncivilized.

It not exaggerate to say that humankind is experiencing the fusion of the East and the West.

In past history, Japan continued to create a new culture by embracing other cultures, and successfully integrated them with its own culture, not merging with them on a dichotomic attitude.

What Japanese people should do now is to extend the “integration of cultures” that we have achieved at national level to the “integration of civilizations”.

That is exactly the creative evolution of Japanese culture, or NEO Japanesque.

Focusing on Japanese language as the backbone of Japanese people’s identity, neten Inc. logically demystified the language’s function of embodying a human will, and managed to develop a technology to generalize the function for public use.

Humankind has already entered an era in which technology solves the huge challenge of integrating civilizations.