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自由と平等 — 古代ギリシャに、この相反する理想を同時に実現していた社会があったと言われています。


一方、日本においても遡ること紀元前一万三千年頃、自由と平等を両立していた文明 — 縄文文明が誕生していました。そこでは、人と人との関係のみならず、人と自然、人とモノとの間にも、平等と無支配が前提の社会が築かれていたと言われます。



私たち neten株式会社のあらゆる企業活動は、ロゴストロンテクノロジーを中心に日本人の精神性の復活に貢献し、「自由と平等」「無支配」をベースにしたより良い社会を創造することを目的にしています。


Freedom and Equality — in ancient Greece, there was a society that achieved these contradictory ideals at the same time.

It was named [isonomia].

Meanwhile, dating back to around 13,000 BC, there was a dawn of Jomon civilization in Japan, which was also balancing freedom and equality.

It is said that Jomonian people maintained a society where equity and non-dominance prevailed in all forms of their relationships, not only between humans, but also between humans and nature, and even between humans and things.

It probably is not a coincidence that the ancient name of Ise Shrine(*) was “Isonomiya”, and that the ancient myths of Japan and Greece are extremely similar to each other.

In the modern era, humanity has put forth the realization of freedom and equality. However, contradictions between the two opposing concepts increasingly became prominent, manifesting as disparities of the rich and the poor, and separation of the strong and the weak.

All our corporate activities aim to create a better society with “freedom and equality”and “non-dominance”, contributing to the revival of the spirituality of the Japanese, backed by LOGOSTRON technology.

* Ise Shrine plays a central role in Shinto, underlying the spirituality of Japanese people.