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neten株式会社では、設立以来、“人類の健康” をテーマに様々な角度から研究開発を続けてきました。そして、身体、精神、霊、社会を含む複数の観点から健康の概念を階層化することで、世にあふれる健康法を網羅・統合し、真に健康である状態を創造するためのアプローチを開発することに成功しました。

今後、医学をはじめとして、哲学、物理学、数学など学際的な観点から健康の概念を統合する時代が到来することは必至と考えられ、 neten株式会社はその大前提となる「健康学」の必要性を訴えてきました。

ストレス社会における複雑な病気の増加、医師の過重労働、高齢化による医療費の増大など、医療をめぐる環境は年々厳しくなっています。 neten株式会社のアプローチは、未病の状態(発病には至らないものの、軽い症状がある)にいたる前に、自らを階層的にケアすることを可能にするため、これらの課題を根源的なレベルで解消することが期待できます。

革命的に変化を続ける現代社会も、それを構成するのは 76 億人にのぼる「個人」であることに違いはありません。私たち一人ひとりが真の健康を手に入れることは、新しい社会、新しい文明に移行するための重要な鍵となるでしょう。


We are surrounded by tons of health management methods, and it shows us that there is an insatiable demand for healthcare.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as follows in the general assembly of 1999:

“Health is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

In light of this definition, there is no choice but to say no, if asked whether the conventional health management systems have fulfilled their roles they are originally expected to offer.

One of the reasons is that most of such methods merely treat physical/mental symptoms, and do not cover the functions of layers of human existence, which can only be seen from a spiritual point of view.

Another reason is that there was no research environment which allowed scientists to sufficiently delve into health issues in terms of social issues, each of which is mutually on the different conceptual layer.

Since its establishment, neten Inc. has continued research and development on human health from various angles, and by hierarchizing the concept of health from multiple viewpoints, including body, mind, spirit, and society, we have successfully integrated health management methods overflowing in society, and developed an approach to create a state of “absolutely health” in human existence.

There inevitably comes an era where humanity has to integrate multiple concepts related to health, such as philosophy, physics, and mathematics, based on an interdisciplinary point of view.

Given this situation, we have appealed the necessity of an academic study on absolute health, which is considered a major premise of the integration of the above concepts.

The increase in complicated diseases, caused by mental stress, medical doctors’ excessive labor, and rise in medical expenses due to aging of population, has added up to an aggravation of the circumstances of medical care year by year.

With our unique approaches, it is possible not only to take care of an individual with a hierarchical viewpoint of human existence before reaching a presymptomatic state, but also to eradicate these social issues at a fundamental level.

Human society has undergone revolutionary changes in recent years. We should not forget it is composed of 7.6 billion individuals, because, in order for all humankind to enter a new society and a new civilization, it is essential for each of us to achieve the state of absolute health.