Digital Consciousness Technology

その最適なアプローチは、デジタルなテクノロジーを使って意識を最適化させる技術であるDigital Consciousness Technology(DCT)によって行われます。DCTは、一人一人のConsciousness-Spirit-Mind-Emotion-Bodyをそれぞれ最適化します。

This approach is made possible by our Digital Consciousness Technology, which optimizes these five layers of each person through state-of-the art technology of human consciousness.

E=mc2に代表されるEnergy-Materialの物理法則にInformationをプラスした宇宙物理法則の概念を研究し、そこから導き出される法則性を解析することで、Digital Consciousness Technology(DCT)は、誕生しました。

DCT was born by integrating our unique concept of information with the Einstein law, typified by E=mc2, and by analyzing the rules derived therefrom.


Specifically, there are following technologies, such as
– Knowledge Mandala, a Distributed-type knowledge modeling system that we have developed since 1998

– Third-person View VR Live System (patent pending) using VR technology – LOGOSTRON Technology, with thousands of enthusiastic users.


In this age of intense change, we have created unprecedented universal technologies that can approach human consciousness, by introducing not only state-of-the-art technology but also myths of the world and ancient Japanese wisdom. With these technologies, we are advancing research and development and contributing to the evolution of human consciousness.

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